Doc verified by: kcastill1 hosted: source title: Degree Swashplate Setup Levelling E Book pdf Download source description: High. · visit The swash. The ultimate desige of Universal Swashplate Leveling Tool can fit with 3 adjestable leg, cover 90~ degree swashplate. ‘ CCPM. The goal of this presentation is to assist you during the base setup of a Please consult your helicopter’s instruction manual to determine what swashplate type your helicopter uses i.e. 90, , , or * degree swashplate pictured. then adjust the swashplate links to ensure that the swashplate is level and at the.

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A local pro recently yesterday flew my Blade and raved about how stable it is.

Standard Tech Operation – Universal Swashplate Leveling Tool US$

Now you are going to make the swash move in the right direction. Skip to secondary content.

I’m sure it has helped many newcomers and even a few “old dogs”. Well, your e-book is so methodical, easy to follow, and correct that I almost started asking myself WHY had I not persevered with this before Dave – United Kingdom.

Only change one servo, even if all servos then seem to travel in the wrong direction. There really isn’t much info covering all the aspects of proper swaxhplate correct CCPM swashplate setup from servo interaction and direction, levelling tools, setting collective and cyclic range, differences in flybarless vs flybar setup etc. While at this state, ensure that the same expected high pitch is maintained by all swash servos.


Change should happen immediately. This will come in more important in the lesson on internal combustion Nitro helicopter setup. Note that there are two meanings for the term binding: If you want to alter the mix of elevator to aileron, it is done in the Inputs tab. I also do the same for throttle. This is for those that swasgplate all about CCPM, but just levelliny a checklist of what to do and where to change stuff. Use the pitch of the blades to test direction, not the swash.

Your book and the way you explain at least finally gives me a good chance.

& Degree Swashplate Setup & Levelling E-Book : Rc helicopter

Click Here For More Information. Instant download link sent directly to your email address.

Right now you have a swashplate levelled at mid stick, the question is will it stay level at minimum and maximum pitch values? Not very helpful – right The second and less known tool is called a swashplate levelling tool.

CCPM for Taranis

At the next club meeting this one will cause quite a lot of interest. I purchased your e-book last week and firstly enjoyed reading it through before starting work.

First test up and down. I have levelliing them more like a handbook than a text book because the layout is so clear and logical: Finish up by rechecking all interactions swashhplate make sure the swash is moving in all directions correctly. To add weight to collective, create a phantom collective channel. Give it a try, move the collective stick on the radio to full low and see if the swashplate is still level. Remember for cyclics, max pitch change happens approximately 90 degrees BEFORE where it will be observed for movement on a heli.


This causes a problem with raw signals. After setting it up, I took it out the garden and apart from ssetup to reverse the rudder on my dx6i it went straight into a stable hover without any trim at all, not bad for a novice!

I even learned a few basic swashplate tips I was not aware of before, but all your flybarless procedures are what I was most impressed with. Being new to the hobby, I was amazed at the amount of ldvelling you are generally not told when buying a kit. I usually tuck them into the manual that This comes in important later when getting the orientation of the servos right.

Keep up your Brilliant work, I certainly appreciate it, and I’m sure many others do. Lots of information to arouse levelllng, but just enough to keep a beginner like me engaged in the learning process.

A cyclic servo on an RC helicopter should be no slower than 0. This is the book I’ve been looking for.

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