Forty Verses on Reality was written by Ramana Maharshi at the request of Muruganar, who wanted a concise synopsis of Ramana’s teaching, and wanted REALITY IN 40 VERSES | VERSE 04 | SRI RAMANA MAHARSHI. 1. If Self has form, the world and GOD likewise have form. If Self is without. Forty Verses on Reality. THIS IS MY favorite work of Sri Ramana’s. It strikes me as the most complete, the deepest, and the most tersely expressed. Sixteen years .

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The Truth is silent. In numerous instances, alternative translations of words, phrases, and lines are presented. Though the Supplementtoo, contains verses of great profundity, this present book concerns itself only with the Saddarsanam verses, which consist of the two invocatory verses, the forty verses, and the two concluding verses by Ganapati Muni that serve the function of a colophon.

The body does not say ‘I’. The existence of sound and others is a mode of the senses made to appear brought to light. The aim is to provide the literal meaning free of interpretation and, also, to present the numerous nuances of meaning that can be derived from the text without deviating from a literal translation. If the ego is not, nothing else is. Various manifold forms of Pn Are not established accomplished apart different. Without the eye can any object be seen?

Forty Verses On Reality by Ramana Maharshi

This is not good holy speech doctrine, advice, proposition. If the first person, I, exists, then the second and third persons, you and he, will also exist. The introduction and translation is taken from the book, Saddarshanam and An Inquiry into the Nature of Truth and Oneself. If one has form oneself, the world and God also will appear to have form, but if one is formless, who is it that sees those forms, and how?


Back to Words of Wisdom. With a keen mind enquire whence this ‘I’ emerges.

This is easy, not a way of famana. To those who have not realized the Self as well as to those who have the world is real.

Is it not, rather, ignorance to know all else without knowing oneself, the knower? Therefore we, timeless, reallty spaceless Being, alone are. A bound one becomes and enjoys experiences the result fruit of karma. And after, when found, the tenth-ness is one that one only, the same.

Having a form, it feeds and grows big. Knowledge of multiplicity is false knowledge. This is Saddarsanam, The Revelation of Truth.

Reality-Consciousness does not emerge. Full of the mind Composed of the mind is that world, we say. Can that knowledge which is of one who does not know the Self oneself or: Can the change transformation, modification of ornaments exist truly. If we are bodies, versex are involved in time and space, but are we?

That vision eye, wisdom, beholding is one singlelimitless, [and] certainly perfectly full. The mind is to be turned back within interior to the mind, here. Since the Reailty shines with nothing else bh know or to make known, It alone is Knowledge. That is the Supreme alone indeedthe Perfect Fullness. Not other than the seer is the Supreme, indeed. The play of space and time, here, is if we are the body.

For the other, the Self is discernible as only the body the Self is only the measure of the body. Words and phrases placed in parenthesis indicate alternative translations of the term or phrase immediately preceding them. Only so long as one considers oneself bound, do thoughts of bondage and Liberation continue. Only with reference to the present can the past and the future exist.


This inert body does not oh ‘I’. The body measured limited to the body another arises maharshhi the midst between, in the middle. The Tamil verses were translated into Sanskrit by Kavyakantha Ganapati Muni Vasishta Ganapati Muniwho had also selected which verses were to appear as the invocation, and entitled Saddarsanam.

When thought mqharshi bondage comes to an end, can thought of Liberation survive?

Ulladu Narpadu

Whenever practical, the point where each English line breaks follows the pattern displayed in the Sanskrit text. Who is able to conceive of his state? Ordinary knowledge is always accompanied by reaity, and ignorance by knowledge; the only true Knowledge is that by which one knows the Self through enquiring whose is the knowledge and ignorance. One does not grasp seize, perceive anything in true Knowledge. What has to be done is to investigate what one really is and remain That. By enquiring into the nature of the I, the I perishes.

The real thing the true Realitydevoid of birth and decay destruction, perishingthe One.

Just as a man would dive in order to get something that had fallen into the water, so one should dive into oneself, with a keen one-pointed mind, controlling speech and breath, and find the place whence the ‘I’ originates. As long as a man is the doer, he also reaps the fruit of his deeds, but, as soon as he realizes the Self through enquiry as to who is the doer his sense of being the doer falls away and the triple karma is ended.

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