Alcatel logo and Alcatel name are trademarks of. Alcatel-Lucent and used under license by ATLINKS. Temporis IP QUICK START GUIDE. Line registered. View and Download Alcatel TEMPORIS user manual online. TEMPORIS Telephone pdf manual download. Also for: Temporis This phone is designed in order to facilitate your communications; you’re going to love its practicality. You can call up your top contacts easily, with the ten.

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Your headset must have an RJ9 connector. Sus auriculares deben tener un conector RJ9. Page of 2 Go. Fixer la base sur les 2 vis en la tirant vers le bas. Pour revenir au niveau initial, appuyer sur la touche. La touche Secret met en attente votre correspondant et vous permet de. Pour reprendre la conversation, appuyer de nouveau sur la touche Secret.

Utilisation en mode casque. En fin de communication, appuyer de nouveau sur. A tout moment, vous pouvez reprendre la communication:.

En mode de programmation, votre Temporis communique avec vous par. Programmer au cours d’un appel. Appuyer sur la touche Programmation, en cours de conversation avec un. Appuyer deux fois sur la touche Programmation. Vous pouvez prendre l’appel. Pour passer en mode de programmation:.

Votre casque doit disposer d’un connecteur RJ9.

ALCATEL User Guides

Appuyer sur la touche Programmation, puis sur la touche 1 vous entendez. Repasser en mode de programmation cf. Appuyer alcateo la touche Programmation, puis sur 1. Appuyer sur la touche Programmation, puis sur 2. Taper le mot de passe en cours.

Entrer une seconde fois ce mot de passe.

Appuyer sur la touche Programmation, puis sur 0. Plug one end of the spiral cord into the handset at Aand the other end into the socket. Plug the telephone cord into the socket on the back of the set and into lacatel wall socket. Repasser en mode de programmation, puis:.

Appuyer sur la touche Programmation, puis sur 3.

Alcatel Temporis IP300/Temporis IP301G

Affix the emergency number label in the appropriate place. Attention, ne jamais mettre l’appareil au contact de l’eau. Turn over the wall mounting peg small grooved plastic part on the base using a coin. Mount the base on the 2 screws by pulling it downwards. Le vendeur est tenu de livrer un bien. Plug the RJ9 headset cord into the socket on the base of the telephone.


Article du code civil: At any time, you may continue the conversation:. In programming mode, your Temporis communicates with you by emitting a. Start again from the beginning. Your telephone set can store 10 numbers of up to 24 digits. Press the Programming key, whether you are already in conversation or not.

Press one of the ten memory keys. The stored number is dialled. Press the key corresponding to the memory to be erased. You have a choice of four ringtones. You can adjust the volume when the. You can change the ringtone as the phone is ringing. Press 1, 2, 3 or 4 to select a ringtone.

Your modifications are memorized, and you can answer the call. Press and hold keys 1 and 3 simultaneously. Access to programming mode is confirmed by 1 beep.

Press the Programming key then key 1 current melody is heard. To change the ringtone, press a key from 1 to 4. For each of the 3 operations, you need to go into Programming mode first.

Press and hold keys 30 and 6 simultaneously. Press the Programming key followed by 1.

Adjust the hands-free volume and apcatel handset audio volume. Press the Programming key followed by 2. Enter the current password. Enter the new temporiis password. Enter it a second time. Press the Programming key followed by 0. Skip this chapter if your Temporis is connected directly to the public network. Wall mounted position Horizontal position. This light flashes in time with the ringer when you receive a call. Go templris Programming mode again and then:.

There are trmporis different ways of dialling:. Press the Programming key followed by 3. Press the hands-free key then dial your correspondent’s number. If you are talking to somebody on the handset, and you want to hear and talk. For cleaning your set, use only a damp cloth; do not use solvents alcohol.


The people around you can join in the conversation. During storms, you are advised not to use the telephone. Lift the handset to return to private conversation mode.

Appliances designed for connection to a TNV3-class analogue telephone line as defined. When the hands-free function is off, you can increase the handset volume. To return to the initial volume, press the. The Mute key puts your correspondent on hold so that you can talk to some.

You thus have a legal warranty covering this product and you should contact your reseller. Regardless of the legal warranty covering the xlcatel, the reseller guarantees conformity.

To resume the conversation, press the Mute key again. You should therefore retain your invoice or till receipt specifying the date of. However, if the legal warranty. However, if the legal warranty is less than twelve 12 months, the total period of.

Alcatel Temporis Retro Corded Phone | eBay

The faulty part or. If it proves impossible. Products and spare parts – which may be either new or refurbished – are guaranteed either. Products and parts that have been returned and replaced become. However, this warranty does not apply in the following cases:. At the end of the conversation, press.

Pick up the handset and remove the headset to hear. Do not use your telephone to notify a gas leak when standing in the vicinity of the leak. We recommend not using a telephone during a storm. This symbol means that your inoperative temporks appliance must be. Union has implemented a specific collection and recycling system for which.

Bei der Programmierung wird jeder Tastendruck durch einen. This appliance has been designed temporris manufactured with high quality materials and. Zeigen an, dass die Programmierung korrekt ist. Electrical and electronic appliances are. Zeigen an, dass bei der Programmierung etwas nicht stimmt:.

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