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Connections Spoofed in The Simpsons: Frequently Asked Questions Q: During the mission inside Shapirov’s body, Morrison discovers that his programmed computer, instead of reading Shapirov’s thoughts, has actually been reading the thoughts of Morrison’s shipmates. Share this Rating Title: That’ll teach you where to keep your hand.

Goofs Two times, viajje go swimming outside of the Proteus.

Destination Brain is not a sequel to Fantastic Voyageasinov is a novelization that Asimov wrote from the film of the same name. Audible Download Audio Books. However, in reducing Planck’s constant, the Soviet miniaturization process leaves the speed of light unchanged, and this is supposedly the reason for the extreme energy requirements. This page was last edited on 27 Octoberat But Shapirov had been acquainted with an American scientist, Albert Jonas Morrison, who has his own peculiar theories regarding the brain’s processing and storage of alucinznte thought.

Duval Jean Del Val This film tells the story of a brilliant scientist who is injured on his way to offer the U. Interestingly, in both occurrences, they all come back with perfect hairdos, with no indication of having gone swimming, like one would from swimming in a pool or in the ocean. Novels by Isaac Asimov. This causes Morrison to theorize that if a number of people were united telepathically using his machine, those people might form a super-human think tank that could rediscover Shapirov’s theories in short order.


Viaje Alucinante, Isaac Asimov. (Paperback )

This was probably done so viewers wouldn’t wonder why her hair wasn’t drifting behind her – the real explanation being that she wasn’t actually under water. So, although miniaturization has been shown to be scientifically possible, it also appears to be economically impracticable – a hollow triumph. Later, having returned safely to normal size, but without any usable information from Shapirov, Morrison has made a new, startling discovery, which may help the Americans beat the Soviets at their own game.

Destination Brain is a science fiction novel by American writer Isaac Asimovpublished in The novel suggests two ways to solve the problem.

Viaje alucinante / Fantastic Voyage

The second is when they go to remove the reticular viajje from the sub’s airvents. Scientist Jan Benes, who knows the secret to keeping soldiers shrunken for an indefinite period, escapes from behind the Iron Curtain with the help of CIA agent Grant.

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Search for ” Fantastic Voyage ” on Amazon. In both cases, people are seen getting in the tank, the tank filling with water, and then they go outside to do their jobs.

Asimov was never quite happy with the original novel because although he was able to change some of the scientific details, it was not entirely his own work. If you haven’t had the pleasure of seeing this little gem, by all means find it and rent it and if it’s viaue a while, why not revisit this film, I’m amazed at how well it stands up, even after almost 40 years since it’s release.


It is about a group of scientists who shrink to microscopic size in order to enter a human brain so that they can retrieve memories from a comatose colleague. Start your free trial. The other idea, which is the idea that’s locked away in Shapirov’s brain, is to couple Planck’s constant with the speed of light, so that when one is decreased, the other is increased.

The crew has one hour to get in Benes’s brain, remove the clot and get out. Does the operation succeed in saving Benes’ life?

In asomov novel, miniaturization is achieved by reducing the value of Planck’s constant within a finite field, which it claims is the only conceivable way to do it. Wasn’t this movie based on an Isaac Asimov tale?

Viaje Alucinante

While being transferred, their motorcade is attacked. The story takes place in the mid to late 21st century: One Soviet scientist, Pyotor Leonovich Shapirov, a pioneer of the miniaturization xlucinante, had spoken vaguely of a way to make it affordable.

My top Sci-Fi list of all time.

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