The aphoristic style of this French-Rumanian thinker has been rightly compared to Nietzsche. Cioran writes of the ineffectuality of “”the Good. Emil Cioran was a Romanian philosopher and essayist, who published works in both . He revisits suicide in depth in The New Gods, which contains a section of aphorisms devoted to the subject. The theme of human alienation, the most. E. M. CIORAN. The New Gods hoever finds it interesting to consider the unfolding pag? eant of irreducible ideas and beliefs would do well to fix his attention on.

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Suicide is a sudden accomplishment, a lightning like deliverance: University of Chicago Press Everything, in the end, comes down to desire or to the absence of desire. Cioran was born and educated in Romania and lived in Paris from until his death. Veins in which thousands of planets distend”.

Although Cioran was never a member of the group, it was during this time in Romania that he began taking an interest in the ideas put forth by the Iron Guard —a far right organization whose nationalist ideology he supported until the early years of World War IIdespite allegedly disapproving of their violent methods. Developing an Ecological Spirituality. And if it is worth no more, how does it manage to inspire me with repulsion or with terror?

Preoccupied with the problems of death and suffering, he was attracted to the idea of suicidebelieving it to be an idea that could help one go on living, an idea which he fully explored in On the Heights of Despair.

The New Gods – Emil Cioran

Including a Commentary on Cleanthes’ Hymn on Zeus. He mentioned that Bach and Dostoyevsky were the two great obsessions of his life, but that while his passion for Dostoyevsky ended up diminishing somewhat, his obsession with Bach “remained intact”. This book is replete with so many lyrical aphorisms that one stays excited and wonder whether is it is a rare combo of art and philosophy.


All the while, The New Gods reaffirms Cioran’s belief in “lucid despair,” and his own signature mixture of pessimism and skepticism in language that never fails to be a pleasure.

About E M Cioran E. Sickness gives flavor to want, it intensifies, it picks up poverty. They are too plebeian, too earthly, to be able to emancipate themselves from a cause. On the Number of Gods. Science Logic and Mathematics.

Unlike many of his other works, such as On the Heights of Despair and Tears and Saints, The New Gods eschews his usual aphoristic approach in favor of more extensive and analytic essays. It is hard to believe that the author of the first ciorwn of the book also wrote the last third. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

By using our website you agree to our use of cookies. Everything blurs and fades in human beings except the look in their eyes and the voice: A decision taken by the Godw of Appeal of Paris stopped the commercial sale of the collection.

Without this deviation of hatred, at first atypical, subsequently contagious, Christianity would have remained no more than a sect, limited to a foreign clientele, actually capable of no more than painlessly trading in the old gods for a nailed corpse.

What they ask you for is actions, proofs, works, and all you can produce are transformed tears. It was the last book he wrote in Romanianthough not the last to deal with pessimism and misanthropy through delicate and lyrical aphorisms. Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide. Books by Emil M. Jerome rated it it was amazing Nov 30, To take a representative example from each: And, curiously, I can’t help but think Cioran would disagree with either or both labels. Inhe left for Paris with a scholarship from the French Institute of Bucharestwhich was then prolonged until Jan 01, James rated it it was amazing.


Some of these are collections of brief essays one or two pages, on average ; others are collections of aphorisms. It cannot impose limits upon itself, it continues to be rife despite its rebuffs, it takes its defeats for conquests, it has never learned anything. The Full Stop Reviews Supplement 4.

Emil Cioran

The Jews are cioean only tragic people that remain optimists. Refinement is the sign of deficient vitality, in art, in love, and in everything. Book ratings by Goodreads. Richard Howard is professor of writing at Columbia University.

Emil Cioran – Wikiquote

The flesh spreads, further and further, like a gangrene upon the surface of the globe. Eric Steinhart – – Religious Studies 49 3: Romanian philosopher and essayist. In order to conceive, and to steep ourselves in, unreality, we must have it constantly present to our minds.

Like his fellow Romanian, the playwright Eugene Jew, who also lives in Paris, he is fascinated by death, although Mr.

He revisits suicide in depth in The New Godswhich contains a section of aphorisms devoted to the subject. This book is seriously fucked up. The intellectual traditions of early buddhism and katharism may have influenced Cioran, but in accordance with his “unhealthy” skepticism, he leaves behind even these most minimalist ideas of hope.

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