Eliphas Levi. Dogma et Part II: The Ritual of Transcendental Magic. By Eliphas Levi (Alphonse Louis Constant) From the standpoint of the tribe of Levi, the Great Magical Dogma of the hierarchy and of universal analogy, the kabalistic . ignorant of the high meaning of their symbols than are the rabbins of the Sepher . Dogme et Rituel de la Haute Magie (English: Dogma and Ritual of High Magic) is the title of Éliphas Lévi’s first published treatise on ritual magic, which. Éliphas Lévi Zahed, born Alphonse Louis Constant (February 8, – May 31, ), was a . The magic propagated by Éliphas Lévi became a great success, especially after his death. . of Dogma of High Magic by Éliphas Lévi; Transcendental Magic, its Doctrine and Ritual (Dogme et Rituel de la Haute Magie) trans.

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Yes, there is a science which confers on man powers apparently superhuman ; I find them enumerated as follows in a Hebrew manuscript of the sixteenth century: Science, conquered in Alexandria by the fanaticism of the murderers of Hypatia, became Chris- tian, or, rather, concealed itself under Christian veils with Ammonius, Synesius, and the pseudonymous author of the books higu Dionysius the Areopagite.

The Doctrine and Ritual of High Magic

The sphinx has not only a man’s head, it has woman’s breasts ; do you know how to resist feminine charms? Infernal Characters of the Twelve Signs of the Zodiac. Ceremonial for the Resurrection of the Dead and for Necromancy Thus, the fabulous history of the Golden Fleece both resumes and veils the Hermetic and magical doctrines of Orpheus, and if we recur only to the mysterious poetry of Greece, it is be- cause the sanctuaries of Egypt and India to some extent dis- may us by their resources, and leave our choice embarrassed in the midst of such abundant wealth.

The seven gates of Thebes, attacked and defended by seven chiefs who have sworn upon the blood of victims, possess the ritula significance as the seven seals of the sacred book interpreted by seven genii, and assailed by a monster with seven heads, after being opened by a living yet immolated lamb, in the allegorical work of St John. Absurd are the so-called philosophers who cry, ” I will never believe in a thing which I do not know!

This absence of epics continues till our Romance of the Rose ; but the rose-symbol, which expresses also the mysterious and magical sense jagic Dante’s poem, is borrowed from the transcendent Kabbalah, and it is time that we should have recourse to this immense and concealed source higb universal philosophy.

The Magical Ritual of the Sanctum Regnum. There is only one dogma in magic, and it is this: Come, rouse your- self, do not make the sign of the cross! The lady, it may be added, had other domestic adventures, ending in a second marriage about the year The entire human body is summed up in the unity of a single organ, which is the brain. By a revo- lution about its own centre, the square produces a circle equal to itself, and this is the quadrature of the circle, the circular movement of four equal angles around the same point.


They are what filiphas LeVi himself terms “hyperbolic,” adding: Its mmagic reality is demonstrated by the pheno- mena of polarity, and by the universal law of sympathies or antipathies. Hell, the Devil, and Karma.

According to this argument, Constant not only developed his “occultism” as a direct consequence of his socialist and neo-catholic ideas, but he continued to propagate the realization of “true socialism” throughout his entire life.

In several passages he explicitly identified socialism, Catholicism, and occultism. This symbol is analogous to that of the Egyptian sphinx, but is more appropriate to the Kabbalah of the Hebrews. The monad can only manifest by the duad ; unity itself and the notion of unity at once constitute two.

Another heals imaginary diseases by fantastic remedies, giving a formal denial in advance to the proverb which enforces the futility of a cautery on a wooden leg he is the marvellous Paracelsus, always drunk and always lucid, like the heroes of Rabelais. Supreme reason being the sole invariable and consequently imperishable principle what we term death being change hence the intelligence which cleaves closely to this principle and, in a manner, identifies itself therewith, does hereby make itself unchangeable, and, as a result, immortal.

The initiates ,evi understand me, and, on account of the profane, I must not speak more clearly. Everyone is aware that Julian was sufficiently wrongheaded to be an unseasonable hero of Plutarch, and was, if one may say so, the Don Quixote of Roman Chivalry ; but what most people do not know is that Julian was one of the illu- minated and an initiate of the first order ; anr he believed in the unity of God and in the universal doctrine of the Trinity ; that, in a word, he regretted nothing of the old world but its magnificent symbols and its exceedingly gracious images.

To believe is to place con- fidence in that which we as yet do not know when reason assures us beforehand of ultimately knowing or at least recognising it. Malchuth, based upon Geburah and Chesed, is the temple of Solomon having Jakin and Bohas for its pillars ; it is the adamic doctrine founded, for the one part, on the resigna- tion of Abel and, for the other, on the labours and self- reproach domga Cain ; it is the equilibrium of being established on necessity and liberty, stability and motion ; it is the demonstration of the universal lsvi sought in vain by Archimedes.

Full text of “Transcendental magic, its doctrine and ritual”

The greatest injury that can be inflicted on a man is to call him ddogma coward. The Kabbalists call her the virgin of the sea, whose dripping feet the in- fernal dragon, stupefied by delight, crawls forward to lick with his fiery tongues. Then we shall be in a position to understand William Postel, and can admit eliphzs that apart from his very premature and over-generous dreams about the emancipation of women, this celebrated, learned, illuminated man could not have been rigual mad as is pre- tended by those who have not read him.

In more common but more emblematic terms, what is that animal which eliphax the morn- ing has four feet, two at noon, and three in the evening? The Emperor personally paid for the academical tastes of the philosopher and rhetorician, and after affording himself the spectacle and satisfaction of expiring like Epaminondas with the periods of Cato, he had in public opinion, already thoroughly Chris- tianised, anathemas for his funeral oration and a scornful epithet for his ultimate celebrity.


I have said that revelation is the word. It is well known that persons with amputated limbs feel pain in the very members which they possess no longer. Why are they invested with a dread elihas unknown power?

I submit that this rituual not the doctrine of occult science, nor the summum “bonum of the greater initiation ; that transcendental pneumatology is more by its own; hypothesis than an alphabetical system argued kabbalis- tically ; and that more than mere memories can on the same assumption be evoked in the astral light.

Why are they acquainted with things of which others know nothing? These words will reveal all and give food for further thought! To resist and subdue nature is to make one’s self a personal and imperishable life ; it is to break free from the vicissitudes of life and death.

K is man ; 3 is woman ; I is the principle ; 2 is the word ; A is the active ; B is the passive ; the monad is Bohas ; the duad is Jakin. There is mercy and there is justice in God ; to the just He dispenses justice and to sinners mercy. It is not impossible that she may be still alive ; in the sense of her artistic genius, at least, she is something more than a memory. Universal Theology of the Rittual The Macrocosm Dogmq unity of the Macrocosm reveals itself by the two opposite points of two triangles.

Thus, Paracelsus represents the Passive by the Crab, the Active by the Lion, Intelligence or equilibrating Reason by Jupiter or the Man-King ruling the serpent ; then he balances forces by giving the Passive the fecundation of the Active represented by the Sun, and to the Active space and might to conquer and enlighten under the symbol of the Cross.

Divers infernal characters taken from Ditual, Peter of Apono, a number or Grimoires, and the documents of the trial of Rirual Grandier Ratings and Reviews 0 0 star ratings 0 reviews. The Key of the Mysteries.

The hands are human, to exhibit the sanctity of labour ; they make the sign of esotericism above and below, to impress mystery on gitual, and they point at two lunar crescents, the upper being white and the lower black, to explain the correspondences of good and evil, mercy and justice. Redirected from Eliphas Levi. Is there an occult knowledge which is truly a power, which works wonders fit to be compared with the miracles of authorised religions?

The Light on the Path: There are three intelligible worlds which correspond one with another hign hierarchic analogy ; the natural or physical, the spiritual or metaphysical, and the divine or religious worlds.

On the opposite tooth is a composite sign recalling that of the Twins and that of the Lion. Elipnas do not brave but are resigned to them.

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