Product Family / Category. INCA. Product / Topic. INCA-MIP. Type. Manual / Technical Documentation. Title. INCA-MIP V User’s Guide. INCA V – Tutorial. ETAS. Lesson: Measuring. Create a recorder for manual recordings. You are in the Experiment Environment. To create a recorder . This INCA manual consists of the following chapters: • Chapter 1: ”Introduction” ( this chapter). This chapter outlines the possible INCA (INtegrated Calibration.

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If the database contains multiple entries for a label name only one will be deleted. Exactly one of the loaded maps will be the active map at a time. The decision can be remembered. Similar options are available. It is manua possible to insert a map with axes in INCA at once.

Session files can be opened the same way as data files or using the SGE Viewer. Select the target monitor for the windows to arrange in case of multiple monitors are connected to the computer.

Onca it is possible to get more plausible maps without increasing the deviation to the data points too much. If this occurs, check the CCP settings and wiring. With optimization the map is fitted as good as possible to the data.

The waitbar will speed up and slow down alternately.


During smoothing a progress bar is shown to judge the progress. You can create mxnual new template map without using any external source. Down-sampling and time period freely selectable.

Select Flash strategy and calibration or Flash strategy, calibration and tunes if using Tunes in your application — the step1 application does not use Tunesthen OK. The number depends on the following setting.

ETAS – INCA ASAM MCD-3MC V2.2 Interface – User’s Guide – Download Center

This allows to judge their relevance for inva actual breakpoint. In the reference area the map points are fitted by a polynomial or exponential curve in the chosen direction.

You can mark map points where no data points are nearby. Displays the current point or current range if multiple points are selected. To select and copy axes values you have to switch to 1D table view.

The values mannual be forced to agree with the offset and increment if the conversion rule is applied. When the result is satisfying the entire smoothing process can be terminated by closing the waitbar window.

ETAS – INCA-LIN V User Manual – Download Center – ETAS Products

It is also possible to add lines, arrows, text boxes etc. All other map manipulations do not consider the conversion rule then. The following instructions assume the user dtas using imca 5. Each set can have an individual color and description. Using the corresponding menu item enables to adjust the background color of the 2D and 3D view. The working page of the active map will be interpolated to the axes of the template map to load.


ETAS – INCA V7.2 Tutorial – Download Center

During creation some options will be asked to define the base layout of the window. To mark them you must mark areas around to include them or use a logical mark condition. The position of the cursor view can be modified by dragging it with the mouse. The error lines connect the data points to the map and ease the judgment of their deviation. In 3D mode different display elements are available and can be individually activated.

Work – From Manual C code to MBD | Nalys

In case data points are already loaded the options for the data loading process like filename, sample rate and calculated channels will be proposed to easy replacing data. The 2D and 3D view can be majual simultaneously in a split mode. The map will be retrieved from the active calibration page.

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