than Freescale Semiconductor. Freescale’s comprehensive “form-factor” development kit is built on MX27 PDK is preconfigured with your choice of Linux® or. 1. Introduction. This user guide can be used as a reference for connectivity between the TPS PMIC and Freescale 27 and 35 processors. The VAR-SOM-MX27 is a low-power, high-performance System On Module which serves as a building block and easily integrates into any embedded solution.

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On the Freescale i. This test case is a stress test at baud rate 19, and runs for iterations. Serial communication test over USB Serial function aborts in synchronization in master and slave mode. As a workaround run the test in kernel mode. The ping works with the default packet size of 32 bytes, but if you increase the packet size tothe ping may fail.


Audio tests -audio playback verification tests and audio playback and record verification tests wavetest. Audio wavetest subtest ID playback mixing and subtest ID capture mixing fail inconsistently while playing the media in the expected time. Audio drift test drifttest. The following subtests fail in full speed mode because the i. These subtests set the packet size before running further USB tests. Although the subtests fail, the packet size is set properly.

Subtest ID fails resulting the subtest IDs to skip in both high-speed and full-speed mode. To work around this issue, run the usbtest. The eMMA post-processor test pptest.

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MX27 On the Freescale i. Freescwle of Test Description Communication bus tests – regular serial test pserial. Communication bus tests – regular serial test pserial. Audio tests – audio playback and record verification wavetest.


Audio tests – Audio drift test drifttest. Multimedia – camera tests CameraGraphTests. Camera IO test camiotests.

Processor 27 (ARM) + Linux + FPGA :the APF27 board more power for embedded systems

Backlight API test backlightapitest. Several subtests are failing in golden bridge test in Full-speed mode.

USB Performance tests usbperf. List of Technologies and Related Topics.

Subtest ID Still image verification tests, still image without preview fails. Rotation Scaling VMR test rotationscalingtest.

CTK Testing: Freescale i.MX27

The following subtests are expected to fail: Power Timeout tests pwrtimeouts. Power States tests pwrtststates. In the video capture test vidcaptestsubtest 14 PinFlowingTests fails. Enhanced multimedia accelerator eMMA post -processor test pptest.

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