Download HP COMPAQ NC NC service manual & repair info for electronics experts. Save this Book to Read hp compaq nc service manual PDF eBook at our Online Library. Get hp compaq nc service manual PDF file. hp compaq nc service pdf. View and Download HP Mini-Note user manual online. USB Digital Drive. Mini-Note Laptop. Accessories pdf manual.

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Align the tabs 1 on the hard drive cover with the slots on the notebook. Length Thread Width Silver 2.

Choose a different product series. Entering Hp Administrator Passwords At the Administrator Password prompt, type your administrator password using the same kind of keys you used to set the passwordand then press enter.


Nothing herein should be construed as constituting an additional warranty. Table Notebook Dimensions Metric U.

Ambient Light Sensor Ambient Light Sensor The notebook features a built-in light sensor that enables the notebook to automatically adjust the screen brightness according to the ambient lighting level. Heat Sink Removal and Replacement Procedures 5. Pull the hard drive tab 2 to the right to connect the hard drive.

Remove the 4 T8M2. Bootable Install bootable Nonsystem diskette diskette and disk message?

Hotkey functions and procedures are discussed in the following sections. Led Board Removal and Replacement Procedures 5. Page Removal and Replacement Procedures 7. Plug the other end of the cable into a network wall jack 2. External Components Product Description 1.

Reinstalling Device Drivers And Other Screw Listing Screw Listing This appendix provides specification and reference information for the screws and screw locks used in the notebook. Press the battery release latch 2 to the right. Removal and Replacement Procedures It provides comprehensive information on identifying notebook features, components, and spare parts; Dial the telephone number on the telephone, make nc62220 there is a response from the remote modem, and then hang up.


As a result of increased power consumption, it is normal for the notebook to feel warm or hot servicce used continuously. This page requires Javascript. Spray the inside of the mouse with compressed air or clean it with a non cotton swab to remove loose debris and dust.

Lift the right side of the heat sink 1 to disengage it from the processor. Powered hubs must kanual connected to external power.

Pull away the retention clips on each side of the module 1. Close the cover 2. Download and install the updates. Slide and hold the battery pack lock latch 1 to the right. Switch cover Section 5. Removal and Replacement Procedures mnaual. With the module at a degree angle from the surface of the memory compartment, press the module into the memory slot until it swrvice seated 2.

If the screen requires additional cleaning, use an antistatic screen cleaner or premoistened antistatic wipes. The serial number is located on the bottom of the notebook.


Turn the notebook upside down with the battery bay toward you. The notebook is designed to run demanding applications at full power. Page 43 Troubleshooting Flowchart 2. MultiBoot A bootable medium or network interface card NIC contains files that the notebook needs to start and operate properly. Selecting Power Conservation Settings To set the notebook to conserve power: Pull the hard drive tab 2 to the left to disconnect the hard drive.

To scroll up and down using the TouchPad vertical scroll zone, slide your finger up or down over the raised area. Stop the PC Card: Any warranty support needed would be completed by the reseller that sold the product. Configuration and Deployment HP computers come with a preinstalled system software image. Operating Environment Operating Environment The operating environment information in the following table might be helpful if you plan to use or transport the notebook in extreme environments.


To print the manual completely, please, download it. Replace External system device board.

HP Compaq nc6220 Maintenance And Service Manual

Page Index external monitor port nonfunctioning pointing location 1—13 device 2—25 pin assignments A—4 key 1—15 External MultiBay II, spare front components 1—6 manial number 3—13 grounding equipment and maunal 1—15 methods 4—6 removal 5—23 hard drive spare part number 3—5 OS loading problems np 3—19 5— Press the battery locking latch 1 to the right. To fully discharge a battery pack: The Driver Recovery and Operating System discs enable you to recover or repair your notebook without losing personal data.

Don’t show me this message again. Index external monitor port nonfunctioning pointing location 1—13 device 2—25 pin assignments A—4 key 1—15 External MultiBay II, spare front components servoce part number 3—13 grounding equipment and keys 1—15 methods 4—6 removal 5—23 hard drive spare part number 3—5 OS loading problems 2—16 3—19 5— Page 19 Product Description Table Standard Keyboard Components Item Component Function f1 to f12 keys 12 Execute frequently used system functions when pressed in combination with the fn key.

You can also set a power scheme that initiates standby or turns off the display or hard drive after a time interval that you specify.

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