Iolanthe; or, The Peer and the Peri is a comic opera with music by Arthur Sullivan and libretto by W. S. Gilbert. It is one of the Savoy operas and is the seventh of. : Gilbert & Sullivan – Iolanthe / Forrester, Donkin, Stratford Festival: Maureen Forrester, Eric Donkin, Marie Baron, Paul Massel, Katharina Megli. Iolanthe. Brenda’s modified script. Iolanthe, or Oilanthe. MIDI Files. Click on one of them and it should start playing. These are the original titles, not Brenda’s.

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He sees Phyllis and reveals to her that his mother is a fairy, which accounts for her apparent youth “If we’re weak enough to tarry”. So do all my aunts. Nor hide the fear that makes them tremble. Twenty-four I No one to look at you would think you had a son of twenty-foUr?

To save my life it is necessary that I marry at once. I worshipped him blindly. The constitutional guardian I Of pretty young wards in Chancery.

At the time they wrote Iolantheboth Gilbert and Sullivan were in their peak creative years, and Iolanthetheir seventh work together, drew the best from both composer and author. It’s true we sigh, But don’t suppose A tearful eye Forgiveness shows; Oh no!

The law is the true embodiment Of everything that’s excellent: I have no reason to suppose that I am more curious than other people, but I confess I should like to see a person who is a fairy down to the waist, but whose legs are mortal.

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But no one yet in the world so wide Has yielded up a promised bride. All questions of party are merged In a frenzy of love and devotion. I shall be of age in two years.

I don’t know; I may be wrong. Steal, purchase, or borrow. How can we bring ourselves to do that which will deprive the court Df Chancery of one of its most attractive features? I do not care.

Iolanthe: ‘It deserves to be as fruity as we can possibly make it’

I iollanthe it appealed to my sense of humour. The science fiction writer Isaac Asimov was a Gilbert and Sullivan fan. When virtuous love is sought. We cannot say What evils may Result in consequence ; But lordly vengeance will pur- sue All kinds of common people who Oppose our views, Or boldly choose To offer us offence.

No ; I have. You are both earls, and you are both rich, and scrupt are both plain.

Cho, We heard the minx remark, etc. This lady’s his — whatf Basses. Because if I set eyes on her I should for give her at once. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. You see, down to the waist I’m a Tory of the most determined descrip- tion, but my legs are a couple of confounded Radicals, and on a division they’d be sure to take me into the wrong lobby.


Strephon is no rogue. To them she yields ; it is her doom. From thy dark exile thou art summoned ; Come to our call, lolanthe!

No; you’re quite right; it’s asking too nuich — one must be reasonable. As upon its lordly way This unique procession passes I Tantantara! It’s the curse of my existence! Sullivan’s biographer, Arthur Jacobswrote: That every boy and every gal That’s born into the world alive Is either a little Liberal Or else a little Conservattve.

Iolanthe – Wikipedia

We suppose she was bom like the rest ; And she knows where to look for her hearty When she wants a particular party. Now, here is a man whose physical attributes are simply godlike. Enter Lords Tolloller and Mount Ararat. I should be very sad at first — oh! They are all smitten with Phyllis, and they have appealed to the Lord Chancellor to decide who will have her hand. Shall be passed by both your Houses. Transcript of a discussion of Iolanthe by members of the SavoyNet distribution list.

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