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Neil — The Sky is a Beautiful Place http: A slide-show function is also available for a quick tour of captured images. There are a few things that need to be set up, but euper that’s done it’s actually very easy to use manual lenses.

Page 54 Press the 4 button. See the chart below for details. Playback Mode Playback Mode Functions of buttons used during playback are noted.

The setting is changed. This mode is suitable to take pictures of your choice by combining them. Settings During Playback Changing Playback Display Method Sets the information to show first during playback and whether to display overexposed area warning.

The built-in auto pop-up flash is turned off in the Night Scene, Sunset, Candlelight and Museum modes.

Mabual Calculating Shooting Distance from Aperture Value The following equation calculates the distance of the flash for mamual values. Use the four-way controller op to check the number of copies for each image, whether the date is imprinted or not, and total number of copies. It will take longer to describe this than it does to actually take a shot, so bear with me: Selecting the Shooting Scene By setting the H Scene icon to the dial indicator, you can choose from the following 8 shooting scenes.


Mxnual are taken continuously while the shutter release button is fully pressed. You can tell the meter is on when the green digits below the viewfinder image light up there’s a menu option that controls how long the meter stays on – use if if the digits shut off too quickly for your taste.

K100D (Super) Pictorial guide to using manual lenses [imgs]

Exposure is set separately from AF point. Self-Timer, the mirror pops up and the shutter is released 2 seconds after you press it, thereby avoiding the vibration maual the mirror. Nine-image Display Turn the e-dial to the right toward y. The camera adjusts saturation and contrast levels to bring out rich shades of flowers and other intriguing subjects.

Use the four-way controller mn to choose the number of copies.

K100s The Exposure Setting the Exposure This allows you to deliberately overexpose brighten or under-expose darken your picture. The current time, location and time difference of the selected city appears. Remote Control F Lets you shoot pictures from within 5 m of the front of the camera. Page 36 Press the four-way controller n.

The user selects both the aperture and shutter speed manually to experiment with varying exposure levels for extraordinary, eye-catching visual expressions. More on Focusing, and Summary see reply. The maual is like multiplying their focal length by 1.

You can print up to 99 copies.


Page Use the four-way controller n to supwr K Manual. Camera settings at the time of capture, such as White Balance, Contrast, Saturation, Tone, Color Space, Sensitivity and Sharpness can be set for each frame after shooting.


Recorded Pixels And Quality Level Recorded Pixels and Quality Level Choose the number of pixels size and quality level data compression rate of pictures according to how you intend to use the pictures you have taken. Setting the White Balance White balance is a function for adjusting the color of an image so that white objects appear white. A choice of finishing touch to assure desired color renditions The KD Super offers you a choice of two finishing touches: The DPOF screen appears. Enter text from picture: Select [Preview Display] in the [Q Playback] menu.

Getting Started Getting Started This chapter explains your first steps from purchasing the camera to taking pictures. Optional Accessories Optional Accessories A number of dedicated accessories are available for this camera.

It will take longer to describe this than it does to actually take a shot, so bear with me: Page The shutter speed and aperture value are displayed in the viewfinder and on the LCD panel. Viewfinder Indications AF frame p. Page Using the e Program Mode Shutter speed and aperture value are automatically set for taking pictures at the proper exposure.

Thanks Sean – as a newbie to Pentax digital this is exactly I was looking for. Press the four-way controller mnop to set the operation. Much of the decision was because I have several screw mount lenses. Select from [1 min], [3 min], [5 min], [10 min], [30 min] or [Off].

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