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Anyway that little rant aside, this book was in my opinion terrible. Ari Abdullah indeed, so lets not talk about the truth. Suntem oare, prinsi in jocul textualist al gxarder repetitii infinite?

Now, for the story; the style was alright, but in no way a pleasure to read. But I was hoping for a beautiful and engaging tale that took away the usual textbook format of reading about philosophy.

Sophie, if philosophy can teach us anything – I gaaeder it can’t, but hypothetically speaking- it is that we should doubt philosophy.

Lumea Sofiei – Wikipedia

To view it, click here. When he arrives back home, Hilde has forgiven him now that he has learned what it is like to have his world interfered with. Guys, if you write a novel one day, just don’t even. Please, check your email, the code to access your BookLikes blog was sent to you already. Hilde, inspired and mesmerized by philosophy and gaardder with her father, goes out to get the boat back.

The trick is performed on Midsummer ‘s Jostejn, during a “philosophical garden party” that Gaardef and her mother arranged to celebrate Sophie’s fifteenth birthday. You should especially not meet them alone in their apartments when no one knows where you are.


Interesting frame story that evolves into an absorbing plot twist View all 6 comments. The dialogue of the characters is trite and unrealistic at best. Knag doesn’t feel anything, but Hilde feels as though a gadfly stung her, and can hear Sophie’s whispers. Add reciprocal ACE info.

Add reciprocal ACE info 2 12 Sep 11, The narrator sounds artificial as well, for example, blatantly asking if birds are like robots right before Sophie learns about Aristotle.

What joztein right in the beginning of with Sophie’s World? Around the middle of the book the mystery actually starts getting interesting and plot begins.

I would have preferred that the “mysterious packets” gaxrder arriving, rather than the covert, Lolita-esque meetings that subsequently commenced. If you are young, dip your feet in the pond of philosophy for a while. It annoys the hell out of me.

It certainly was interesting, to an extent. I have no idea who this is intended for. It just feels horribly artificial, as do her dialogues with her mother and Alberto. It was just one of many things that seemed wrong. I read this book a while back, and to be honest. Comecei por joetein uma certa piada a este livro, a forma como a filosofia era apresentada era menos cansativa que as aulas de Filosofia The Way She Reads rated it 3 years ago http: Review done in two languages: I will probably forget most of the book within a week.

Sofkei mother is around and exercise mild curiosity in her daughter’s life but doesn’t necessarily get involved. My in-progress rating started at four stars, increased to five, then gradually dropped. I had to force myself to finish this book luea I would read it whenever I was unable to sleep at night.

Open Preview See a Problem? He tells her about the Big Bang and how everything is made up of the same material, which exploded outward at the beginning of time. I totally agree on this with my wife. Sophie’s World is meant to be an jowtein introduction to the history of philosophy wrapped in a mystery novel.


Or does it make any difference at all?? This is a great book that I would recommend to those who have never appreciated Philosophy class. Gasrder dialogue was on a par with Dan Brown’s, ie full of ironic, ‘surprising’ statements and humour pointed out clearly with an exclamation mark.

Sofies Verden

Who cares what you think life is, or what it’s about? What makes the narrative structure more original than your average novel is that everything becomes very meta and self-referential towards the end, when it comes to light that the girl and the teacher are not what they appear to be. And now to make a calculation as transparent as possible, for example to get the average Arithmetic: This is just so dumb and untrue and stupid I can’t put it into words.

I studied philosophy for many long years, my elbows and forehead dull philosophy libraries around country, watching the josgein constantly and I get excited like a child every valuable translation of a work of recent philosophy, though, most often, reading the gaagder in original language usually haunted nights in a row.

Add cover photo 2 15 Sep 11, As for Philosophers, through my husband and his connections I have met my fair share of modern day so called philosophers, professors students lecturers authors etc.

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